Stock Master Pro Illustrator script

[Русская версия]

Update November 8, 2023

New version of Stock Master Pro script is available!
Fixed bugs: Error 188, Error 421, etc.

Breaking news! Now a new Stock Master Pro script is available. This script can prepare and save vector illustrations for microstocks automatically. There are many improvements in the new version. Have a look at the video to know more about Stock Master Pro.

You don’t have to worry about mistakes while preparing files. Stock Master Pro will find and correct them. The script closes open paths, removes empty layers, unlocks blocked objects, expands effects and texts, finds bitmaps. Smart algorithm saves EPS, Ai, JPEG and PNG files automatically.

Save your time with Stock Master Pro. The script is able to save illustrations from several artboards. Just run the script and it will prepare all files from each artboard. Have a rest while Stock Master Pro is saving your illustrations.

Check out Stock Master Pro – have a look at the manual to know more about its features.

Stock Master Pro User Guide (Eng)

Stock Master Pro User Guide (Ru)

Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6 (Windows and Mac)

Purchase Stock Master Pro for $14 (VAT can be added).

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Any problems with purchase – write to support.

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