Similar Maker Light Illustrator script

[Русская версия]

Similar Maker Light is a script for Adobe Illustrator which allows you to replace objects with another, mix objects and swap them. This script will do routine tasks instead of you and will redesign your illustrations fast and easy.

There are three functions for working with objects: Replace, Random, Move. Have a look at the video to know how Similar Maker Light script works.

Replace objects in one click. Shuffle all randomly. Move objects from place to place. Do all these tasks automatically with Similar Maker Light script.

Similar Maker Light works like a panel in Adobe Illustrator. You can select and turn objects on the Artboard and use the script in the same time. This script is fast and easy to use.

Similar Maker Light useful for redesign, making similar illustrations, editing large templates and others.

Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Illustrator CS5.

Script version is universal for Windows and Macintosh OS.

Purchase Similar Maker Light just for $7 (VAT can be added)!

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Any problems with purchase – write to support.

Check out Similar Maker Light – have a look at the manual to know more about its features.

Similar Maker Light User Guide (Eng)

Similar Maker Light User Guide (Ru)

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