Magic Isometry Light Illustrator script

[Русская версия]

A new era for isometry lovers began! Magic Isometry Light is a script for Adobe Illustrator which simplifies the creation of isometric images. Isometry has never been easier.

What’s inside:

– Turns flat objects to isometric projection with any angle.
– Operates like a panel in Ai and has compact interface.
– Mount Function to combine isometric projections properly.
– Make All Function to create isometry by one click.
– Symmetry Function for fast symmetry creation.
– Reverse Function to turn back isometry to flat.
– Arrows to move objects in the isometric system of axes.
– Coefficient W for width adjust.
– Isometric Grid Templates files included.
– Has open source code.
– Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Illustrator CS6, Windows, Mac.

See this video presentation for more info – Magic Isometry Light script for Ai

You can buy Magic Isometry Light script for $7 right now (VAT can be added).

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Turns flat objects to isometry

Magic Isometry Light script turn art to isometric top, left and right projections. You can operate with one object or several objects in the same time by the script. Magic Isometry Light works like a panel. So you can use any instruments and functions of Adobe Illustrator while the script is active.


Mount Function

Use the Mount Function and the script combine all isometric projections properly. Less manual work – more comfort.


Make All Function

Make All is the magic wand button in the script. And this is a true magic! Let’s try it. Select flat objects and just press the button. The script create your isometric image by one click.


Set Any Angle

You can set the angle of the projections. Common angles: 26.57º for 2:1 isometric projections and 30º for true isometric projections. The script save the settings. Click the Reset button to reset to default.


Symmetry Function

Magic Isometry Light script can create symmetric Left and Right isometric projections. Select any flat object and press the Symmetry button. Get accurate and clean result.


Reverse to Flat

Use the Reverse function to turn back isometric objects to flat. The Left, Right and Top buttons are active in this mode.


Moving in the Isometry

There are four arrows to move objects in the isometric system of axes. You can set the step of moving in the Move Px checkbox.


Width Adjust

The script has a special option for true masters of isometry. Use W Coeff checkbox to adjust the width of your isometric projections. For example 13% for 2:1 isometric projections looks much better. Set the value of the W Coeff and then click Left, Right or Top buttons. Make All function works in this mode also.


Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Illustrator CC
!!! Previous versions of Adobe Illustrator are not supported

Script version is universal for Windows and Macintosh OS.

Usage and installation instructions for Magic Isometry Light script are available:

Magic Isometry Light User Guide (Eng)

Magic Isometry Light User Guide (Rus)

Purchase Magic Isometry Light script just for $7 (VAT can be added).

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Any problems with purchase – write to support.

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