Magic Wheel Illustrator Templates

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Magic Wheel Templates is a set of Adobe Illustrator templates for easy creation of rotation effects in design, circular ornaments, logos, signs and symbols. Magic Wheel Templates are free. You may get them after subscribing to our newsletter. The set contains 7 templates with preliminary setup rotation effects which are displayed in real time while you are drawing.

Have a look at the video to understand how Magic Wheel Templates works.

Make circular patterns quickly and easily. Create logos and geometric signs using templates. Or try making guilloches and spirographs. You will have new endless creative possibilities and joy of unexpected discoveries and experiments.

Magic Wheel Templates are very easy to use. You don’t have to install anything. Just open any of the templates in Adobe Illustrator and enjoy instant rotation while drawing.

Magic Wheel Templates can be used for vectors created for microstocks since they are expanded well. Just click “Expand appearance” to expand all effects and supportive elements in the template.

All instructions for using Magic Wheel Templates can be found in user guides:

Magic Wheel Templates User Guide (Eng)

Magic Wheel Templates User Guide (Ru)

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