Magic Wheel Illustrator Templates

[Русская версия] Magic Wheel Templates is a set of Adobe Illustrator templates for easy creation of rotation effects in design, circular ornaments, logos, signs and symbols. Magic Wheel Templates are free. You may get them after subscribing to our newsletter. The set contains 7 templates with preliminary setup rotation effects which are displayed in real […]

Free Stock Master Illustrator script

[Русская версия] Update February 01, 2016 New Stock Master script is available! What’s new: – Saves EPS and JPEG automatically. – Works with several Artboards. – Has new faster algorithm. – No default dialogs. To know more see this link: Stock Master Light Illustrator script Hello microstocker! Are you tired to prepare your vector images […]

Free ProSpirograph Illustrator action

[Русская версия] Free ProSpirograph is an action for Adobe Illustrator which automatically creates round ornaments from simple shapes. Just draw any shape with stroke and without fill. Select this shape. Go to the Actions panel and choose ProSpirograph action. Then click “Play” button and get perfect round ornament! See our presentation video. ProSpirograph action makes […]