Super Sale – Design Kit 2018

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Hello everybody! Now you can have a discount 40% on 10 magic tools for Adobe Illustrator. Check out new Design Kit 2018. And you will get free bonus: Set of random Snow Brushes and Double Mirror Templates.


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Design Kit 2018

There are 10 useful Illustrator tools. You get a discount 40% buying them all. Special price is $47.

1. Live Mirror Illustrator Templates allows to create symmetry design, circular ornaments and patterns, kaleidoscopic and other reflection effects.

2. Stock Master Pro Illustrator script which prepares and exports vector illustrations for microstocks automatically.

3. Magic Eraser Illustrator script which automatically cuts and deletes vector objects outside Artboard.

4. Super Magic Eraser Illustrator script is the best crop tool for Adobe Illustrator.

5. Magic Pattern Pro Illustrator script creates patterns on the Artboard by one click quickly and easily.

6. Magic Monogram Light Illustrator script makes frames and monograms.

7. Magic Set Maker Illustrator script which assembles cliparts into a set automatically.

8. Random Pattern Pro Illustrator script creates random patterns with different settings.

9. Random Snow Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. Select any brush and draw by Paintbrush Tool (B). Get perfect fluffy snow for your design.

10. Double Mirror Templates with two active sectors for drawing. Templates work like Live Mirror.

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Turn your luck around! Buy Design Kit 2018 for only $47.